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Future Plans

SCHEMES                          --- Status as on 31.05.2017

PPP PROJECTS (In Progress)


Capacity Addition: 7.00 MTPA

Project Cost: Rs. 332.16 Crore


a)    The Concession Agreement (CA) was signed with M/s.TCTPL (the SPV formed by ABG-LDA) on 11.09.2010.

b)    M/s.TCTPL commenced the Berth construction work on 01.03.2012 with scheduled date of completion as 28.02.2014. Whereas as on 28.02.2014, M/s.TCTPL completed about 90% of civil construction works.

c)    VOC Port granted extension of time up to 25.12.2016 without LD to complete the Project. Subsequently Port issued Consultation notice to M/s.TCTPL on 26.12.2016 due to non progress of work.

d)    Port conducted various meetings dated 23.01.2017, 05.04.2017 with M/s.TCTPL to commence the commercial operation at the earliest and 26.05.2017 with lenders for further course of action against M/s.TCTPL as per the provisions of CA.

e)     Meanwhile they have informed they will start the interim operation by 15.06.2017. The status of progress of interim operation is as follows:

·         Installation of electrical cable laying works – Completed.

·         22kV x 11kV substation - Erection under progress.

·         Installation of Transformer - Completed.

·         Installation of cable trey support - Completed.

·         Modification of SULs - Erection under progress.

·         M/s.TCTPL informed that the commercial operation will take at least one year.


2.      Construction of North Cargo Berth-III

Capacity Addition: 10.22 MTPA

  Project Cost: Rs. 586.89 Crore

a)    With reference to the ministry letter on 17.01.2017. The project will be taken up in EPC mode.

b)    LOA issued to M/s Srishaila- Unison (JV) on 31.03.2017.

c)    Work is in progress.


Capacity Addition: 6lakh TEUs + 1.42 MTPA

Project Cost: Rs. 515.18 Crore.

a)    RFQ opened on 18.11.2016. Three bidders furnished the RFQ application & the same are under evaluation.

b)    Security clearance received on 27.12.2016.

c)    Approval of board is sought on the prequalification of the bidders by tender committee in the ensuing board meeting scheduled on 03.02.2017.

d)    Project approval from MoS received for the development of NCB-IV on 11.01.2017.

e)    Letter dated 16.01.2016, has been sent to prequalified bidders to participate in RFP stage

f)     Pre-bid meeting held on 01.02.2017 with the bidder Adani Ports and Economic zones ltd.



g)    Board in the meeting held on 03.02.2017 ratified the following,

                     i).    To Pre-Qualify the bidder M/S.Adani ports and economic zones ltd & M/s. South India Ltd & chettinad Ltd (Consortium) are ratify the action taken for having informed the pre-Qualified bidder to participate in the RFP stage.

                     ii).  To disqualify the M/s. Ballore Africa logistics.

h)    Based on the request from the likely bidder participated in pre-bid meeting, the due date of submission of bid extended upto 03.03.2017.

i)     No bidder has furnished the RFP bids on 03.03.2017.

j)     During the video conference held on 20.03.2017, while reviewing the NCB-IV project, Secretary, Ministry of Shipping has instructed to hold the meeting with the Potential container terminal operators likely to be bid for the project separately.

k)    Convening of meeting with likely bidders was scheduled from 30.03.2017 and extended upto 15.04.2017, and two firms have attended the meeting so far.

l)     It is proposed to convene a meeting at Mumbai with the container terminal operators/prospective bidders to obtain their views on viability of implementing the project.



Capacity Addition: 7.20 MTPA

Project Cost: Rs. 312.23 Crore

a)    Considering delay in the security clearance issue COD was extended up to 30.08.2016.

b)    During the meeting held on 28.09.2016 in the office of Joint Secretary (Ports), MoS, M/s.DBGT, Concessionaire informed that 3 Nos.

c)    RMQCs & 9 Nos. RTGCs have been fully manufactured by M/s. Liebherr Container Cranes Ltd., Ireland and arrival of cranes is scheduled by 30.11.2016.

d)     Commissioning of the cranes and the COD shall be within 15.02.2017.

e)    M/s DBGT not commenced the commercial operation on 31.08.2016.

f)     Consultation notice was issued to concessionaire on 13.10.2016.

g)    M/s.DBGT submitted their reply to consultation notice stating that the timeline for necessary financial resources would be early by March 2017.

h)    The expected timeline for the remaining civil & electrical works is 6 to 7 months commencing from March-2017.

i)     Letter of comfort has been issued to M/S.DBGT on 26.01.2017 for arranging the financial resources.

j)     M/s. DBGT vide letter dated on 30.01.2017 has sought approval of Concessioning Authority to increase the shareholding of M/s. Bollore Africa Logistics, France to 70.40% which constitutes an indirect change in Management Control of the Concessionaire and reiterated that the Applicant continues to hold 100% of the paid-up equity share capital in the Concessionaire. 

k)    M/s. Bollore Africa Logistics requested vide letter dated 13.02.2017 to grant DBGT with an extension of COD until 31.05.2017 without any Liquidated Damages, subject to the shipment of all LCC equipment within 15.03.2017.

l)     Any delay in completing the project beyond 31.05.2017 would be subject to the payment of Liquidated Damages by DBGT as per the concession Agreement.

m)   M/s.DBGT was addressed vide letter dt.20.02.2017 that in the meeting with Secretary, Ministry of Shipping it was informed that the company’s request for extension of COD may be considered by VOCPT Board, if the cranes from M/s.Liebherr Container Cranes Ltd., for commissioning in the VIII berth, are put on board the vessel and the vessel sails to Tuticorin from the load Port by 17.03.2017.

n)    M/s.DBGT requested the lenders to withdraw the following conditions:-

                   i).  Promoters to bring in Rs.50 crores in addition to the subordinated debt of Rs.49.80 crores and proportionately reducing the lender’s exposure.

                 ii).  LC to be opened with 100% margin and only on production of COD certificate margin will be released.

Ministry of shipping has been requested vide letter dated 03.03.2017 and 08.03.2017 to grant security clearance for M/s.Bollore Africa Logistics, France towards increase the shareholding  by  M/s.Bollore Africa Logistics, France to 70.40%.

Vessel carrying components of two nos RMQC’s is berthed on 24.04.2017 at VOCPT and components are unloaded at 8th berth on 29.04.2017.

M/s. DBGT further informed vide letter dt.22.04.2017 that the balance one no RMQC and 9 nos. RTGs will be arrived by 15th June 2017and all the cranes will be commissioned in November 2017. Further DBGT informed that they have entered contract for Civil & Electrical works.

Temporary operation commenced on 11.05.2014 Concessionaire handled 2,95,202 TEU’s upto may, 2017 and paid revenue share of Rs.32.86 Crores up to May, 2017 by ship gears & HMCs.


5.      Mechanization of Berth No. 9 (Up Gradation of mechanical Handling Infrastructure at V.O.Chidambaranar Port Trust (Berth I to Berth VI& IX)

Capacity Addition: 8.72 MTPA

Project Cost: Rs. 49.20 Crore

    LOA issued to M/s. IMC – PSTS Ltd. Consortium, Chennai on 25.03.2012 with a gross revenue share of 26.55%. Concession agreement signed on 24.05.2013.Conditions precedent was fulfilled on 31.08.2013. Cranes received from Germany on 27.02.2014 and commercial operation commenced from 25.03.2014. Revenue share earned up to         May, 2017 is Rs.14.94 Crores. Cargo handled up to May, 2017 is 12.46 Million Tonnes.



Capacity Addition: 2.41 MTPA

Revised Cost of Project: Rs. 123.35 Crores

a)    M/s South India Corporation Pvt.Ltd. offered 12.60% of gross revenue share in the Negotiation meeting held 13.03.2017.

b)    Board of Trustees in the meeting held on 17.03.2017 resolved to discharge the tender. Accordingly, tender has been discharged.


PPP PROJECTS (Under Bidding)


Capacity Addition: 2.00 MTPA

Project Cost: Rs. 65.37 Crore

Ø  LOA issued to M/s Indian Port Terminal on 20.02.2017.

Ø  The concessionaire furnished BG for performance security on 18.03.2017.

Ø  Formation of SPV is in progress.

Dredging projects

1.   Deepening of Channel upto (-)14.5M draught (Phase-I)

Capacity Addition: 20.00 MTPA

Project Total Cost: Rs. 2936.70 Crore

 (a) Stage-1       widening the entrance channel from 153m to 230 m and construction of Breakwater 270m.

(a) Stage-2        Dredging the approach channel from 14.70m to 16.70m depth and inner harbour dredging (for CJI&II and oil jetty).

Ø  PIB under preparation and will be submitted for CCEA approval on 30.06.2017

Ø  EIA study report is expected on   : 15.06.2017

Ø  Public hearing                          : 21.08.2017

Ø  SEZMA approval (CRZ) district     : 20.10.2017

Ø  State Committee meeting          : 20.11.2017

Ø  EAC approval                            : 22.12.2017

Ø  LOA for Bund work                    : 23.12.2017

Ø  The Bund, Breakwater and widening of entrance channel will be completed in 16 months after approval of EC.

Ø  LOA for Dredging work               : 10.01.2019

Ø  Dredging approach channel and inner harbour (Phase-I) will be completed in 24 months after completion of above bund work.

Rail Road Connectivity Projects

A. Rail Connectivity:

1.   Laying of Railway Track from Port Marshalling Yard to Hare Island at V. O. Chidambaranar Port. 

     Port awarded two PPP projects NCB II, III, for the handling of dry bulk cargoes. The total capacity of the two berths is estimated at 17.22 MTPA. Considering huge volume of expected cargo, the stack yard of about 24 Hectares is earmarked at Hare Island. The existing cargo may not be possible to be evacuated through the existing road. Hence VOCPT has proposed to evacuate through rail borne by connecting the existing Port Marshalling yard and Hare Island at an estimated cost of Rs. 70.12 Crore. MOS letter dated 17.08.2015 has issued the LOA for project management consultancy to M/s.RITES Ltd. The work order for earth work excavation and formation of Embankment for Railway Track has been issued to shri. Chinnathambi on 24.06.2016 for Rs.21,05,14,964/- and Earth work excavation from DCW ltd to hare island and water logged area under the conveyor is in progress. Total length of the railway track from marshalling yard to Hare Island is 5.87km. 50% of Earth work excavation and formation of embankment work completed. Further M/s.RITES Ltd has issued the work order to M/s Emjay construction, Chennai for an amount of Rs.12.83 Crore. The supply order was issued to M/s.SAIL, Chennai for an amount Rs.8.11Crore on 24.03.2017 by M/s.RITES Ltd.


     In the meantime, the board note has been prepared and placed before the ensuring VOCPT Board for the approval of the revised cost of the project at an amount of Rs. 58.30 Cr (phase-I) and an amount of Rs 19.98 crore paid to IPRCL Mumbai. The Culvert work is in progress. The action is initiated for the purchase of PSC sleepers and ballast for this work.


2.  Proposed making up cess from in between station Milavittan yard & TNHP marshaling yard.

           This work is proposed to make up the deficiency in the cess from Milavittan to Port Marshalling yard which is being operated as assisted siding. The estimated amount of Rs. 3.05 Crore was deposited during December, 2013 to Southern Railways to take up the work on Deposit basis. This work has commenced from May, 2014. 40% of work completed and work is in Progress.

3.   Renovation and modification of existing rail system operated from marshalling yard to V.O.C. wharf

           This work is proposed for the complete track renewal of rail line from Port Marshalling yard to VOC wharf without affecting rail operation. Port Trust Board accorded approval for Rs.17.53 Crore to take up the work through Southern Railways. Port deposited the amount in two Installments to Southern Railways. Work was commenced by the Railway Department on 20.04.2015.The renewal work in from Marshalling Yard to VOC Wharf was completed. 90% work completed. The work is expected to be completed by June, 2017. The handing over the 543 MT steel sleepers were handed over to the store and e-auction by Mechanical department as a 1st lot was over. So for 903.54MT of rail handed over to main store and 63.80MT of steel sleeper & CST sleeper and fittings 20.08MT also handed over to main store as a second lot. Which is under e-auction by mechanical engineering department. So for 143.46MT of steel sleepers & GST sleeper were handed over to the main store as a third lot. Total 1673.80MT was handed over to the main store for e-auction.