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Civil Department during the month of October, 2017
S NoTender NoItem Nature of workMode of Tender EnquiryDate of Publication of NitType of BiddingLast Date of ReceiptNo of Tenders ReceivedName of PartiesParties Not QualifiedContract AwardContract No & DateName of ContractValue of ContractSchedule Date PeriodRemarks
1 NIT NO. 10MTC-III/2017-18 Painting the Bollard, steel ladders and Boundary lines at Wharf in VOCPT for one year Open Tender (e-tender) 07.10.2017 i)The Daily Thanthi ii)The Dinakaran Single Bid 19-10-2017 Four 1. Shri. Maharaja Eng. Contractor, Mettur 2. Sri Vinayaga Construction, Tuticorin 3. Shri Vengatesw --- -yes- CIV-MTCM1-MNT-PAINT-V1-17 /D.2353 Dt. 26.10.2017 M/S. Annai Enterprises 3,05,440 Twelve Months ---
2 NIT NO. 06MTC-III/2017-18 Resurfacing the Two wheeler road and Providing new bituminous road to weigh bridge opposite side of Open Tender (e-tender) 19.08.2017 i)The Hindu ii)Dinamani Two bids 06-09-2017 Five 1. M/s. Threekay Builders, Tuticorin 2. M/s. K.R. Construction, Thenthiruperai 3. Shri S.Sutharson, 1. M/s. Threekay Builders, Tuticorin 2.M/s. K.R. Construction, Thenthiruperai Yes CIV-MTCM1-MNT-ADDI-V1-17/ D.2297 dt. 19.10.17 M/s. Immanuel &Co, 34,84,250 Three Months ---
3 -- Providing lawn arrangements in front of new information centre and guest house outside in VOCPT Limited Tender -- --- 4 Nos 1. Shri.T.Vairamuthu 2. M/s.Sri.Balaji Construction 3.Shri.S.Kunjan 4.M/s.Kumar Plantation --- -yes- CIV-MTCMS-TDR-LAWN-VI-17/D.2168 Dt: 03.10.17 M/s.Kumar Plantation 3,09,133 Two Months ---
4 09CE/17-18 Providing and laying of pipeline from NLC pipeline to oyster water tank in VOC Port Trust E-Tender Dinathanthi & Dinamalar on 31.08.2017 Single Cover System 12-09-2017 6 Nos 1.M/s.Antony Jude Raja 2. Shri.T.Vairamuthu 3.M/s.Shri. Vengateswara Constructions 4. M/s.Sri.Balaji --- -yes- CIV-MTCMS-MNT-NLCP-VI-17/D.2293 Dt: 19.10.17 M/s. Veluchamy Engineers & Contractor 4,63,950 Three Months ---
5 11CE/17-18 Supplying and fixing of Retro-Reflective sign board at Harbour Estate area in VOCPT E-Tender Dinakaran & Dinamalar on 20.09.2017 Single Cover System - 30-09-2017 5 Nos 1.Shri.T. Vairamuthu 2.M/s.Shri. Vengateswara Constructions 3. M/s.Sri.Balaji C --- -yes- CIV-MTCMS-TDR-{RETR-V1-17/ D.2354 Dt: 26.10.17 M/s.Shri. Vengateswara Construction 6,81,500 Two Months ---
6 01CE/17-18 Attending Patch work and resurfacing the existing Dr.Ambedkar road along with RCC drain at V O C Por E-Tender Dinathanthi & Hindu & Times of India on 15.06.2017 Two Cover System 06-07-2017 4 Nos 1.M/s.Sudarson 2. M/s.Immanuel & Co 3.M/s.S.Vellapandi 4. Sai Haridham Infra Private Limited Sai Haridham Infra Private Limited -Yes- CIV-MTCMS-MNT-AMBED-AI-17/D.2365 Dt: 27.10.17 M/s. Immanuel & Co 2,42,99, 526 Four Months ---
7 12CE/ 17-18 Attending repair works for water supply and sanitation line in residential and non residential areas E-Tender The Hindu & Dinamalar on 28.09.2017 Single Cover System 11-10-2017 3 Nos 1. M/s.KSR Construction 2.Shri.Vengateswara Construction 3.Intex Space Solution Pvt Ltd 1. Intex Space Solution Pvt Ltd -yes- CIV-MTCMS-TDR-WATER-VI-17/D.2380 Dt: 31.10.17 M/s.KSR Construction 13,39,053 One Year ---
8 -- Development works in Physiotherapy room at Port Hospital building Nomination basis -- --- --- --- --- --- CIV-MTCMB-MNT-DEVEL–V1-17/D. 2186, Dated: 05.10.2017 M/s.Surya Enterprises 97,008 One month ---