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S NoTender NoItem Nature of workMode of Tender EnquiryDate of Publication of NitType of BiddingLast Date of ReceiptNo of Tenders ReceivedName of PartiesParties Not QualifiedContract AwardContract No & DateName of ContractValue of ContractSchedule Date PeriodRemarks
1 NIT NO. 16 MTC-III/ 2016-17 De-silting the existing 2 Nos. of Open well near Sprinkler Pump Room at North of Coal Stack yard ins Open Tender 15.03.2017 I)Dinamalar Single bid 18-03-2017 Two 1. M/s. Hohil Colour Coating 2.M/s.KSR Construction, Tuticorin -- Yes CIV-MTCM2-MNT-WELL-V1-17 /D.960 dt. 26.04.17 M/s.KSR Construction, 80 North Raja Street, Tuticorin. 1,33,500 Two Months --
2 NIT NO. 17 MTC-III/ 2016-17 Cleaning the office buildings, roads and wharf surrounding area inside green gate for a period of on Open Tender (e-tender) 14.03.17 i)The Hindu ii)Dina malar Two bids 21-03-2017 Two 1.M/s.Ourland Eng.works pvt.ltd, Chennai 2.Shri. SRM Enterprises, Madurai Shri. SRM Enterprises, Madurai Yes CIV-OFCWM-MNT-CLEAN-V1-17/ D.882 dt.13.04.17 M/s. Ourland Engineering Works Pvt Ltd, 17A, Rajaji Avenue, Valasaravakkam Chennai – 87. 62,63,800 Twelve months --
3 53CE/ Mtc-II /2016-17/D.120 Dt: 25 .01.1 Construction of Swimming pool at VOC Port Trust E-tender The Hindu (English) Times of India (English) & Thina Thanti on 03-02-2017 Two cover system 16-02-2017 Two nos 1. Shri. S.Sutharson, Thoothukudi 2. M/s.Sri Srinivasa constructions, Erode -- -Yes- CIV-OFCMS-MNT-SWIMM–V1-16/D .970 dated : 28.04.2017 M/s.Sri Srinivasa constructions, 7/374, Mettur Main road, Kuppichipalayam, Bhavani (TK), Erode 1,06,21,948 Eight Months. --
4 63CE/ MTC-II /2016-17/D.773 dt: 30.03.17 Renovation works in Kitchen area at Port Guest house in VOCPT E-tender Dhinamalar and “The Hindu - English” on 04.04.2017 Single cover system 23-12-2016 Four nos 1.M/s.Hohil Colour coating, Tuticorin 2.Shri.T.Vairamuthu, Tuticorin 3.M/s. Shri.Balaji construction -- -yes- CIV-OFCMB-MNT-RENOV-VI-17 M/s.Veluchamy Engineers & Contractor, Minjur, Thiruvallur 9,15,020 Two months --
5 47CE/ Mtc-II /2016-17/D.3671 Dt: 17.12.16 Construction of 22KV Control room near Auto work shop in VOC Port Trust E-tender New Indian Express (English) and ThinaThanthi on 20-12-2016 Two cover system 11-04-2017 Four nos 1.Shri. S.Sutharson 2.M/s.D Scape Interiors 3.M/s. Sri Vinayaga Constructions 4.M/s. Sri Srinivasa 1.M/s. D Scape Interiors 2..M/s. Sri Vinayaga Construction -yes- CIV-MTSMS-MNT-#22KV-VI-2016/ D868. dt:11.04.2017 Shri.S. Sutharson 66,37,725 Five months. --
6 -- Providing and laying of bore well with Handpump in TYPE I,II,III harbour Quarters in VOC Port Trust Limited Tender -- -- Five Nos 1).Shri.S.Kunjan 2).M/s.Thomaiyar & Sons 3).M/s.KSR Construction 4).Shri.T.Vairamuthu 5).M/s.Babu In -- -- CIV-MTCMS-MNT-BORE-VI-17/ D.963 Dt: 27.04.2017 Shri.S.Kunjan. 4,78,500 Two Months --
7 -- Providing additional Borewell (2Nos) for CPT bungalow at Zone-‘B On Nomination Basis -- -- -- Shri.S.Kunjan, No: 21/A1, Kathermeeran Nagar, Thermal Nagar, Tuticorin-628006. -- -- CIV-OFCMS-MNT-&BORE-VI-17/ D.817 Dt: 04.04.2017 Shri.S.Kunjan. 96,000 15 Days --
8 59CE/ 16-17 Renovation of verandah at the old Information Centre & Painting the compound wall of Admin office in Open Tender 14.03.2017 Dinamalar & Dinakaran Single cover system 27-03-2017 Four Nos 1).M/s.Sri Balaji Construction 2).M/s.Hohil Colour Coating 3). M/s.V.Mani 4). M/s.Maharaja Engineeri -- -yes- CIV-MTCMS-MNT-VERAN–V1-16/D.911 Dt:19.04.2017 M/s.Maharaja Engineering Contractor 6,71,021 45 Days --
9 62 Mtc-I/16-17 Maintenance and operation of sewage pumps in pump house at colony area and administrative office are Open Tender 24.03.2017 Dinamalar & The Hindu Two cover system 04-04-2017 Three Nos 1). M/s.Surya Enterprises 2). M/s.Hohil Colour Coating 3). M/s.Raja Engineers & Contractors 1).M/s.Raja Engineers & Contractors -yes- CIV-OFCMS-MNT-$PUMP-VI-16/ D.902 Dt.18.04.17 M/s.Surya Enterprises 13,13,586 Two Years --